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There is a lot of fear around the tarot. Many people feel tarot cards, and the practice of reading them is evil, and crosses a line into the "dark side" of things. Some have even associated it with Satanism. At Intuitive Indigo, we do not believe that things are intrinsically evil. We believe that things can be used for evil or for good, and those qualities occur in the actions being taken.

Redefining Tarot

For instance, one can use a log to start a fire that warms a cold person. The action taken with the log is "good" and produces a positive result. Alternately, once can take a log and hit someone over the head with it, possibly injuring or killing that person. This produces a negative or "evil" result. Neither the good nor the evil are intrinsic to the log. The log is just a log. The intention, and consequent action taken is what creates the positive or negative -- the good or the evil.

At Intuitive Indigo, we use the cards as visual indicators that prompt or guide toward better explanation of the messages that we receive. The images in each card that catch our attention assist in clarification of the message. We pass on messages that help people move from feeling stuck and trapped to feeling free and being able to move forward in all aspects of their lives. We use the cards, as well as our skills, to help humanity by bringing freedom, love and understanding, as well as closure, and personal empowerment.


Learning the Tarot: Individual Tarot Training

Are you new to the tarot? Having a hard time reading confidently? 

Don't read reversals, but want to? Need some fresh insight on a

spread? We can help with that!

Schedule a personal tarot instruction session and get busy

improving your skills, and increasing your confidence.

Lessons may include, but are not limited to:

  • Learn to trust your intuition

  • Develop your own personal reading style

  • Experience hands-on reading experience

  • Understand basic spreads, and develop your own

  • Learn how to use clarifiers

  • Embrace reading reversals

  • Use crystals in your readings

  • Clear your deck

  • Protect your energy

  • Establish healthy boundaries

Materials and resources provided.
All tarot training includes homework.

Training is available in person at my Ferndale office, or via video chat using Google Duo or Facebook Messenger.