Mentoring Magick is a bit like love. It's messy. It's life changing. It requires effort -- on your part as well as mine.

In any relationship, business or otherwise, it is important to know what our responsibilities are. Clear communication is one of mine.

I am going to tell you when you are in your own way, and I will suggest that you move. It's your job to move.

I will hear you, your stories, your complaints, the things that have you stuck, and I will gently ask you to let them go. To get unstuck, you'll need to let them go.

I will be your cheerleader, your support structure, your straight talk and your spiritual guide, helping you weather each storm as you journey toward your best, highest version of yourself. You'll need to show up, take the coaching, be vulnerable and do the work.

The results will astound you. You will astound you.

I remember the first time I astounded myself.

It was the moment I uttered the words, "I want a divorce."

I had been with him for 12 years, and as the daughter of zealous Christian parents, I was wrapped up in the dogma of a religion that told me I had no choice. I had to stay -- using words like duty, and commitment, along with phrases like "until death do us part". And as a tried and true people pleaser, I had no idea how to meet my own needs and desires.

Despite this programming, I knew in my gut, in my bones, in my very soul that I had to leave. I knew this decision would separate me forever from friends and family that I dearly loved. I knew it would change my life, his life, and the lives of all who knew and loved us. I also knew that I was miserable and the only way out was decisive action on my part.

During the car ride to Easter dinner up at my sister's place, the terror pounded out in a rhythm in my chest that I was certain was audible. The moments were like hours as I willed my mouth to open, and my vocal cords to say the words. I knew once it was out, I couldn't take it back. I knew once it was out, I wouldn't want to. So I did it. 

There was fallout. I knew there would be. There was also freedom like a million doves being released into a clear blue sky. I had taken a stand for myself, for my autonomy, for my life, for my freedom -- to have what I truly wanted in a marriage, and in my life -- and I gave myself permission to go and get it.

Where did I find the courage?
To put it simply, I had amazing coaches. With their support, I realized the cost had become too great to stay. 

Over the years, I learned what stuck looks like for me -- self-sabotage, feelings of never being good enough, inability to trust myself and others. I learned how to let go, and trust the magick inherent in the chaos -- the parts of life that are not now, nor ever were in my control -- to trust the Universe to work things out and have my back. 

It wasn't easy. Deprogramming yourself from beliefs you have held since your toddler years requires effort, and it was worth every deep, dark look inside, every difficult conversation, and every single moment of tough love.

After over 20 years of rigorous coaching, as both the recipient and the coach, I know that "tough love" style coaching works. I know that unless we take a good look at what staying stuck is truly costing us, we will not put in the effort to change it. I know that the thing that got me through the hardest times, and to my breakthrough on the other side, was coaches that were even MORE committed to my growth than I was at times.

Why Mentoring Magick?
You have forgotten your magick. It used to be there, along with your vivid imagination and your ability to giggle with reckless abandon. In truth, it is still there. We just need to free it from all the red tape and propaganda you were given about what life should look like. It's like the golden snitch waiting to be let out of its box, so it can fly free. What unexpected and unbelievable adventures await you once you are let out of your box?

I don't know for sure, but I know it will be magical!