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Oracle Decks

I have had a couple requests from folks on my new Facebook Group, The Broom Closet, (Feel free to join!) to discuss Oracle Cards. My first experience learning with readings was with a tarot deck, but when I discovered oracle decks, I was just enchanted. I loved the art, the variety of types, and the topics and themes they covered. More than that, I found I really love to use them as clarifying decks, or a one card pull for guidance at the end of a reading.

My first oracle deck was the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck. The cards were color-coded to the colors of the Chakras, in addition to having a word on each, and they were so helpful as a newbie to get more depth to each reading. Later in my reading career, for many years in fact, I used Soul Cards I and Soul Cards II as clarifiers.

Soul Cards I

I love them because each individual card is painting -- no explanation book. It lets the reader see what they see and interpret it for the client. If a tarot card isn't really getting me to the full message, often pulling a clarifier will. In a pinch, if I didn't have a tarot deck with me, I could also easily do a reading from either of these decks. The images are just so striking; they always brought forth intense meaning the moment I looked at them. After this post, I may just be adding them back to my reading rotation. I love them so much!

Soul Cards II

Often, oracle decks may have a word or phrase at the bottom or top, and this can be super helpful for new readers to get a feel for the intention of the cards, and to more confidently read for strangers. It can also be a huge help if you feel super stuck, and you aren't able to readily access your client's energy. Let's face it, some clients are more open than others, and sometimes picking up energy from someone who is closed off requires some assistance. My current clarifying deck was a gift from a client and dear friend of mine. It is The Brujeria Oracle Deck. Strangely enough, I cannot find it anywhere online to give you a link to purchase them. This link is all I found. It's simple, elegant, and super accurate. Until I am led to another deck, this one is my baby.

At the moment, I also draw a single card from the Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle Deck for each client at the end of the reading to help them know what energy to take with them to help them make the best of the reading they just received. The artwork on this is amazing, and the descriptions are on point! I purchased mine locally, and I recommend doing that to support your local economy. If you can't find it locally, the link above points to Alana Fairchild's site directly. Supporting her supports small female owned business. (Descends from her soap box gracefully)

The most important thing to know about Oracle Cards, and Tarot Cards for that matter is this:



Whatever deck speaks to you is the deck you should be reading with. You may want to specify in your advertising, just for the sake of transparency -- but messages can come through with an Herb Oracle Deck, a Hermetic Tarot Deck, or with no cards at all. It is your connection to spirit, to the Divine that provides the message. You are simply a mouthpiece, a vessel for the gift of guidance.

So, choose a deck that reflects your personality, your energy, and most of all, one that has images and symbols you understand and can convey easily to your client. Personally, I am drawn to Celtic decks. The Zombie deck that was gifted to me sits on a shelf getting dusty because, simply put, I just don't get it it. Every time I look at it, I just get annoyed.

Your deck might actually choose you. You might be given your first deck as a gift. You might just buy one because it is pretty and 20 years later you might just find yourself reading with it. That's how it happened for me.

Do you have a favorite oracle deck? I would love to hear about it. Post in the comments, or add a link to your favorite.

Happy reading!

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