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Protecting Your Empath

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

You are an empath. You know how I know? Because you are a human.

We are surrounded by energy -- the energy of plants, animals, other humans -- and we feel it. We shift and adjust because of it. It's all around us.

Have you ever gone down another aisle in the cubicle farm at work to avoid that guy who just won't stop talking? You know if he catches you walking by, it's going to be a 40 minute conversation that leaves you feeling drained and lifeless at the end of it. So you do the kindest thing. You avoid him all together. Well, it's the kindest thing you can do for you, anyway.

Or have you ever been in a room, just minding your own business when the boss walks in, and every air molecule puckers up, sucking itself into further into itself, waiting to see what her mood is going to be and who she is going to take it out on?

You are picking up the other person's emotions, their energy, and then adjusting yourself and your behavior based on it. We all do it. It's so commonplace that we barely even notice when we do it.

Sometimes, however, there's no other aisle to go down. Sometimes the boss cannot be avoided. Sometimes negative energy sneaks up on you like a gust of wind strong enough to blow you over. Like 2020. Like the feelings you felt the first time you had to go into the grocery store fully masked and gloved, having no idea what in the hell was going on -- just like everyone else in the store.

Wouldn't it be great if you could shut it off? Shut it out? Only deal with your energy, your emotions, your stuff? Put a wall up to protect yourself?

Well here's the good news. You absolutely can.

More than that, you absolutely should.

With all the emotion and chaos that seems to be "the new normal" of late, doing something every day to protect your energy is vital. Not only will it protect your energy from the energies of others, but also from energies you didn't even know were there -- like the political news story that pops up on your radio in the middle of your playlist -- unexpected and unwanted.

Creating strong personal boundaries is a great way to start, and something most of us likely need a brush-up on anyway. Many times, the energies in our lives that distress and disturb us most are the ones we let in, the ones we chose, the ones we keep choosing -- like friends and family.

Using our voices to say clearly what is not okay is a great way to start. It doesn't have to be rude, but it does need to be clear and firm. Perhaps something like, "I have strong opinions about this, and I know that you see things differently. Maybe we should change the topic to something more pleasant. I'd rather not argue with you," or "I don't deserve to be spoken to that way. I am open to talking more about this in the future if that exchange can be respectful." Not rude, but leaving no room for misunderstanding.


Often, we are in need of protection from the energies of strangers, or even sometimes places. In situations like that, a clear conversation may not be possible. If you know what's coming, and have time, you can prepare for it with visualization in meditation. For instance, going to pick up your kids from the ex. It has to happen, but every time you interact with them, you leave feeling heavy, gross, and unhappy -- maybe worse -- and you know it's their vibes and negativity you are picking up. Giving yourself time for meditation before you pick up the kids is a great way to shift this. Here are a couple methods I like:

  • Sit comfortably, with feet touching the floor, or cross-legged on the floor if possible, hands in your lap. Close your eyes and visualize a white ball of light coming down from the heavens, protection from the divine. As it descends, it forms a beautiful crystalline bubble of protection around you, keeping you from all unwanted energies you may encounter. If a crystalline bubble doesn't feel strong enough, visualize bullet-proof glass, or cast iron. Your bubble can be any color, any shape or any material that feels safe to you -- and you can change it at will with a thought. Don't underestimate the power of your thoughts.

  • While showering in the morning, close your eyes and envision the stream of water as liquid protection, coating your entire body and aura, protecting you from any harmful outside influences or environmental dangers. As the water washes over you, it rinses all negativity right down the drain, leaving nothing but a beautiful coating of divine love, light and protection in its place.


What if the situation is unexpected, and you don't have time for that kind of mental prep? Call on your angels, guides, and ascended masters for assistance. They are always within earshot, and I think as humans we often forget that all it takes for some divine intervention is a request.

Maybe part of self-protection is knowing what to close off and what to keep open. Asking for protection, but wanting to remain open to love could look like calling on the energy of the ascended master, Jesus.

For being in a state of peace and making that available to others, whilst simultaneously protecting yourself, perhaps call on White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Ascended Masters
From the Doreen Virtue Ascended Masters Oracle Deck

If your aura or energy field feels sticky, heavy or dirty, calling on El Morya to assist with cleansing and shielding your energy can be super helpful.

Paravati can bring the energy of positive change in addition to your protection so that things don't stay stagnant.

Archangel Michael can help protect by cutting negative energetic cords.

There are so many choices! Ask your guides, your ancestors, any of those higher energetic forces that are there for good, to assist you in your quest for protection and keeping clear energy. They are literally there to serve.


Last, but not least, physically remove yourself from the situation. Our gut and our intuition are excellent tools to assist us in knowing if we should be in a location, situation or circumstance or not. If your divining tools tell you to leave, go. Sometimes our energy is so impacted by the energies of others, or of a place that we physically have to leave. Some energies can physically make you ill. Learn to trust that message from your body. To protect it, and yourself, remove yourself.

Much of what we encounter is something we have either chosen or attracted. When interacting with the energetic and the spiritual, it is critical to be keenly aware of what we are calling to us, both consciously and subconsciously. Then, powerfully making the shift ourselves can make all the difference.

If you find you are having difficulty removing negative energy, or would like energetic cleansing or chakra balancing, as a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, I can assist in this as well.

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