Jeanette Micallef - Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Medium

If you're here, my guess is you are looking for a way to change your circumstances, to move forward, to take back the reigns of your life. 

You want to increase your manifestation skills, to stop feeling resigned, hopeless and stuck.

You want to find your joy again, by attracting what you truly want from yourself and your life.

More than anything, you want to
UNLEASH YOUR PERSONAL MAGICK! and I can help you do that.

I help my clients discover and unleash their personal magick using the tools of my trade, the tarot, Reiki, Mediumship, the runes, spellwork, rituals, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya breathwork, and more.


  • Freedom seekers in any walk of life who just know there's a better, more magical way to live

  • New "woo woo" entrepreneurs who want to live their dream and avoid debilitating pitfalls along the way

  • Tarot readers who want to trust their intuition and reading skills more

  • Novice witches and magicians to help deepen understanding and broaden your skillset

  • Anyone who wants to get in touch with their spirit guides, ancestors, and ascended masters

  • Those with stored grief and trauma who want to heal and let go


  • We co-create a journey that we will walk together, clearing out anything that obstructs or blocks you from having a life full of confidence, love and freedom, in any arena

  • We enhance your manifestation skills

  • We discover what your personal magick looks like, and how to enhance it

  • Using a variety of muggle and magick tools, we re-spark that inner joy that helps you move forward


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Medical Assistant - Planned Parenthood

“I am grateful for our conversation yesterday. Thank you for talking to me and listening to me as well. The energy today is so much better. I feel so much more empowered, so much more peaceful now that you readjusted my energy, got rid of some shit and whether you did it intentionally or not, gave me some really great tools and resources on how to, like, move forward from the funk – so I’m not feeling that nearly as much…so major props to you and your intuition and everything. And mostly to your love, compassion, understanding and care for me.”

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My love, and all the compliments go to Jeanette and Intuitive Indigo. Her insight, consistency and open spirit are amazing. I have never had more thorough readings or advising. It is easy to, and I have, recommended Intuitive Indigo widely, because Jeanette is such a natural. 

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Tarot Reader - Dylann Marie Tarot

Again, your message just totally resonates, and I can't believe the messages that you channel. They are so profound and so insightful, and I feel so lucky to receive the messages that you give me. It just enforces and aligns everything that I'm feeling, like my intuitive insights and just the way that I interpret the world inside of me and around kind of just connects dots for me and helps me ground. What I mean by ground is feel connected to reality, connected to my body, and out of my head. You're really, really, really helping me uproot my overthinking tendencies and get out of my head and into my heart, ad into my actual life so I can be present with people, and I can be present with reality. So, I want to thank you so much. You are so insightful, and...there's no words. There's just no words. Thank you, Jeanette!

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Graphic Artist - Mystic Moxie

"I started working with Jeanette for coaching after I lost my job and felt unease with the sudden change and loss of security. For a while, I felt stuck and unsure of which next path to choose and whether I should pursue what I’m good at or change paths entirely. Jeanette has been a fountain of wisdom within this conundrum. Through the combination of her experiences, tarot and intuition, she has an ability to tap in deeper, to gently point out what you may not be seeing and help encourage new growth and awareness. While I feel I can navigate this path within my own wisdom, it has been a great help to have her there with me upon my journey. I value her insights and appreciate her perspectives and advice. With her help, I am now embarking upon a creative path, following what calls to my soul and trusting that the universe will fall in step with my courage. Additionally, I often find myself in awe of how in sync her daily tarot reads are. They are a bright part within my days and serve as reminders and validation for what I am perceiving as well as action steps I need to take. I am grateful for the experience of working with her."

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Material Handler - Ford Motor Company

Jeanette is warm, welcoming, gentle, and very attentive to a client's needs. I had a Reiki service, and she removed some energetic ties that had been manifesting in physical pain in various facets of my life - even hobbies!

After the initial service, Jeanette was very swift to follow up with aftercare recommendations, as well as how-to instructions.

I'm definitely looking forward to my follow-up appointment, and I've already taken the liberty of referring friends and family to her!

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Owner - Yoga & Yum

I recently had a Tarot reading with Jeanette Micallef and it was AWESOME! I HIGHLY recommend that you book a reading with her. She has such amazing insights and is very attuned. She is also so much fun to chat with. Make sure to have a paper and pen to jot down notes as there is a lot to remember. Peace