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Wounded Warrior

Updated: Dec 14, 2023


The sound of this energetic arrow, as it hits me on the broad side of my head

Whatever I was expecting it to look like, it wasn't this

My skull like a sutured wound, being torn apart by gloved hands to allow for more to fit

My entire body vibrating

Like a caffeine high that won't wear off

Sleeplessness despite exhaustion

Connections I wasn't prepared for and don't fully understand

Feelings only partially mine

The remainders belonging to someone else

How did those get in there?

Each thought bringing up a past wound -- a mirror

Each emotion more raw

Abandonment. Betrayal. Rejection. Heartbreak.

All easily covered by my hand-crafted armor...before

Not any longer

Every open cut now exposed to air and sunlight

Every ugly bruise and sore viewable by all

A blatant reminder of past beliefs

Some still not fully released

Why can't I just let go?

Even now, my stubborn nature refuses to stop fighting

Manifesting what I truly want

Calling forth what I have long desired but never had

Believing with my entire body mind and soul that I shall have it

Knowing I will do whatever it takes

Knowing that a warrior doesn't stop fighting

Just because she is wounded

Knowing sometimes the fight looks like silently, staunchly standing her ground

Until the rest of the world aligns

Each breath affirming my intuitions

Each mantra holding my focus

Each day one closer to bliss

Jeanette Micallef - copyright 2021

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