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Full Moon Purging and Cleansing Tips

If you pay any attention to the cycles of the moon, you have probably heard about the link between the full moon and completion energy. A full moon is an excellent time to finish projects, resolve outstanding bills, commitments and promises. It is a great time for creating closure, ending a relationship, and purging that which no longer serves you.

In my Reiki sessions, I frequently discuss moon cycles, especially with my female clients. The moon embodies feminine energy, and our cycles as women, when in balance, very much mirror hers. So, if we are seeking to purge negative energies, people or situations from our lives, utilizing full moon energy is a great way to do that.


My Reiki and Tarot clients often ask for suggestions on how to purge negative energy, and I wanted to share some methods I use to inspire you to create your own purging ritual to fit your needs and the specific situation. Here are some suggestions. Mix, match, create something new! Make it yours!

Smudge It

A quick, easy way to purge some negative energy from a space, a person or a thing is to smudge it. Generally, sage is used for smudging, but there are a great many other herbs and woods that can be used as well. I love growing my own lemon balm, rosemary and various flowers, drying them and making my own smudge bundles. To smudge in a space, simply burn the herb bundle or wood (over a fire-proof dish or large shell), and move in a clockwise circular motion in the area that needs purging. Similarly, you can smudge yourself, another person or an item.

If you are unfamiliar with smudging, you can find more detail about it in my blog entry called "Smudging Responsibly".

Physically Remove Unwanted Items

If you are having a hard time getting over your ex, you likely know exactly what I mean when I suggest this. Even though you may dearly love that stuffed animal he gave you on your 3 week-a-versary, let's face it, every time you look at it, all the bad feelings come back and the self-doubt and self-deprecation start all over again. Physically getting rid of items that bring back those kinds of feelings removes those triggers, allowing more space for positivity.

You will also be amazed at how energetically different your space feels too. A room can look and feel lighter, cleaner and more free by simply removing the item the negative energy is associated with.

If you just can't part with the item, you can still remove the energetic cord, freeing you from the negativity associated with the item. One way I recommend is taking a red ribbon, string or piece of yarn, tying it to the item, and speaking out loud, renounce your connection to that energy. Then, using scissors or a sharp knife, cut the cord. It can help to write what you want to say beforehand. Here is an example:

"As I cut this cord, I release all negativity connected to this item. I release all negative energy connected with the person who gave me this item, (name them).

I ask the divine to take this negative energy, and to purify it,

freeing me from any bondage to it.

In its place, I am creating a vibration of peace,

happiness and contentment that I will associate with this item from here forward."

Speak Your Truth

From my own experience, many negative feelings I hang on to come from not speaking my truth in the moment when a conflict happens. Sometimes I should speak up for myself and don't, or other times I should express a feeling, but instead I stuff it down and seethe. Obviously, these are unhealthy choices, and can definitely lead to a need to purge them. There are a number of good ways to have your say, get things off your chest, and lighten the emotional and mental energy in your life:

  1. Write a Letter and Burn It - This is a great way to say everything you want to say, release it, and not have the fallout you might get if you were to actually mail it.

  2. Use a Voice Recording App - I prefer this method, mostly because when I am feeling like I haven't been able to express myself properly, I am usually angry, sad, or upset, and have no desire to sit down and slowly write it out. I would rather rant and rave and swear and say everything in the exact intonation that shows how I am feeling. Voice recording is excellent for this! Then, if you want, you can go back and listen to it later. As strange as that sounds, I find it to be a good practice. If I can laugh at it, I know I have gotten over the issue, and if it still sparks those negative feelings it lets me know I have some more work to do.

  3. Keep a Private Journal - If you prefer to think things through and methodically outline them and write them down, keeping a journal may just be the method for you.

Create a Ritual

So many things in life take on more sentiment and meaning because there is a physicality associated with them. For example, the union of a couple has even more meaning added to it with the purchase of a ring, or the gathering for a ceremony, or perhaps the donning of particular clothing. In and of itself, there is already innate meaning behind this action -- an intention, but adding ritual can enhance that meaning by tenfold. In this instance it also magnifies the meaning and significance because the partners have chosen to perform these rituals in the presence of a crowd of people, and to capture it in photos and video.

It is the same with anything. If you want to experience the feelings and meaning associated with your intention of purging -- create a physical ritual to accompany it.

  • Safely and with the environment in mind, burn old letters, journals and things that are heavy with negativity, or that no longer serve you.

  • Donate or recycle things that cannot be burned.

  • Delete old contacts and messages from your phone and email.

  • Visit places that have bad memories for you, bring a good friend and create new memories there.

  • Create a meditation practice dedicated to embracing the power of your inner goddess.

  • Start a daily self-love Kriya Yoga practice.

  • Make a crystal grid, burn some incense, write some affirmations and read them aloud.



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