• Jeanette Micallef

Phoenix Rising

I had the lovely experience of having Tarot Jane do my chart not so long ago. If you get the chance, please give yourself this gift. She is is on point, informative and amazing.

One of the things that stood out was when she told me I have phoenix energy -- I rise from the ashes, and make something new and beautiful from them. I am good at rebirth, transformation, creating something new after having burned the old to the ground. It doesn't usually show up in my life like having to physically move or leave a place, but often, it is the ending of phases of my life, and usually the relationships they seem to be centered around, be it friends, partners, bosses, or co-workers. One thing is for sure -- I always know when I AM DONE.

If things are going to burn, and I am pulling cards for clarity, The Tower is often likely to pop up somewhere. Personally, I believe that a Tower moment is always easier if you light that bitch yourself, rather than waiting for circumstance to do it for you. There's some power in taking control of a bad situation and deciding to figuratively burn it to the ground so you can start with a clean slate. In most Tower moments, a clean slate is your only option anyway, so my take on it is, why not embrace that? Get out your Zippo, light it up, and warm your buns by that fire!

In the case of everything going on in 2020, I feel as though I am burning to cinders and then rising from the ashes on an almost daily basis. The constant rejuvenating of perspectives and thoughts to keep my energy good and my enthusiasm up requires more effort than it ever has, but I am finding that the rewards are so much better than they ever have been.

These cinders are the parts of me that have burned away -- friendships, beliefs I used to hold about myself, or about the way things are. Some of them are jobs I have left. Some are fears that had kept me still, stagnant and repressed. Some of them are ancestral burdens passed down from generation to generation -- a breaking of those cycles. With each one came an awareness, a conscious choice, and then an intentional, purging burning. Yes, some of them hurt. And some of them felt amazing, like ancient chains dropping off.

The wondrous part is the new me that shows up as I rise from those ashes. Smarter. More confident. Foxier. More capable. Less concerned about what others think. More concerned about showing others patience, love and compassion. No longer explaining my "No", nor asking your permission. Making and creating and growing and loving and living my fullest expression of my life, until I need to do it all again. Not like sadness, not like mourning, not at all like suffering, but more like casting off the chains that bind, so each time I get to be more and more free.

Rise, phoenix, rise.

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